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The Miracle of Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is just a time-yellowed piece of paper with columns of figures and legal phrases, until it is baptized with a widow's tears. It then becomes a modern miracle, Aladdin's Lamp. It is food, clothing, shelter, and undying affection. It is the sincerest love letter ever written.

It eases the aching heart of the partner who remains behind; a comforting whisper in the dark and silent hours. It furnishes new hope, fresh courage, and the strength to pick up the broken threads and carry on. It supplies the milk that quiets the crying of a hungry baby in the night.

It provides a college education for the child, a chance for a career rather than the need for a job. It's a father's and mother's blessing to their daughter on her wedding day.
It can be a parent's uninterrupted dreams and plans for the family's future. Through life insurance, they live on. The premiums they pay help provide the greatest of all privileges: the privilege of providing for his or her family after death.